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> Uganda
Home for Corona: An Afropean View of COVID-19

A story by Anna Adima

As an ‘Afropean’, I see COVID-19 has brought social inequalities to the forefront; I am reminded again of the privileges and disadvantages I experience in my homes.

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> United Kingdom
Reconnecting with Lost Friends During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A story by Neya Patel

This new normal turned out to be more fun than I had imagined.

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> India
The Spirit of Goodness During COVID Times

A story by Charu Thukral

When I was diagnosed with chicken pox, all I wanted was to be home with my family, 1300 kilometers away.

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> Niger
My Experience of Corona in Niger

A story by Boubacar Amadou Samiratou

Everybody tries to help according to their own ability. The opinions and methods diverge, but I believe that deep down, our common interest is the well-being for all.

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> Australia
Stuck Down Under

A story by Pia Dannhauer

Since I am not able to go to my office anymore or access any libraries, we even send each other books, basically setting up our own loan system while libraries remain closed

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> Austria
Same Same but Different

A story by Julia Schmidbaur

My generation of Austrians has never experienced truly „rough times“. Of course, we heard from our grandparents about the Second World War, about a time when Austria had to build itself up from scratch. But those were stories.

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> Hong Kong
To Wear a Mask or Not

A story by Kate Tang

If your country does not promote wearing masks as a public safety protocol, I feel okay about it and respect that. But why the choice of wearing one is not respected? We are now in the fourth month dealing with the virus. More and more people are starting to understand that Coronavirus is not just common flu.

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> Germany
COVID-19 And the Discussion it Brings

A story by Mira Kinn

Apparently there are differences in the preferences country-wise of “hamstering”, a verb that has become most prominent these days, describing the built-up stock of commodities, food, and beverages. Rumour has it, that France is now short on condoms and wine for example, whereas in Germany it is definitely pasta and…wait for it…toilet paper. I am not sure what this tells about the different mentalities but let it be open to imagination.

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> Italy
Corona in Italy - A Dystopia?

A story by Sati Nunziati

I’m conscious that not every person is responding in the same way, fear is a side symptom of this virus, and locking down a whole country will contribute to exposing its weakness. Hearing the news from all over the world now, makes me believe that we really and truly are a global community and society facing up the same difficulties.

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> Netherlands
Corona in Amsterdam - an Experience From a 24-year Old

A story by Joost Backer

I suddenly find myself going on strolls through the park with friends, doing board games at home, or talking to my neighbours almost every morning from our balconies. It’s a weird situation. But thankfully for me, not necessarily a bad situation.

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> South Korea
Corona Tidings from Seoul

A story by Veronica Burgstaller

South Korean wear masks because of the high-pollution levels, when they have a cold, or for the simple vain reason to hide their swollen faces after a beauty surgery. Then one day came the news of a novel virus breaking out in Wuhan, China. The unexpected seriousness of this virus only hit me, when I looked for a mask but none could be found.

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